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Australian Patrol Vehicles

Australian Patrol Vehicles is dedicated to the design and development of specific capability to support the demanding requirements of military operations.

The company understands the importance of mission success and how capability can deliver on the battlefield.

All APV vehicles are designed by veterans and tested in the most extreme conditions outside of the battlefield to deliver on providing our forces the most reliable and dependable systems to allow them to achieve their mission.

  • Specifications

    Designed with input and feedback from current serving military and special forces personnel, we appreciate the requirements of active duty.

  • Personalised to your needs
    Personalised to your needs

    Each Vehicle is hand made to your specifications. No one vehicle is the same, contact us today to discuss your needs.

  • Toyota 79 Series
    Toyota 79 Series

    The use of the Toyota 79 series platform reduces logistic requirements and allows for direct access to the global Toyota support networks available in every continent.