• Designed with input and feedback from current serving military and special forces personnel
  • Designed around Toyota Land cruiser 79 Series base platform: providing proven reliability, durability with worldwide service & COTS parts availability
  • Powerful 4.5 Litre Turbo Diesel V8 power-plant with 153 KW of power
  • The best 6WD system in the business: Australian designed and built by JMACX Offroad Solutions and AEV
  • Option of factory electronic Diff locks on all three axles or Limited Slip Differentials
  • 6500kg Gross Vehicle Mass with guaranteed 2500kg payload
  • NITRO Extreme front shocks and Coils spring front end with heavy duty coil sprung rear axles with EFS shocks
  • 3500kg towing capacity
  • World Leading weapon mounts by W&E Platt Mounts and Ordnance
  • 180 litres on board and 220 litres (400 litre) fuel capacity provides 2500km range
  • 100 litres water storage tank and up to 200 litre water storage in containers
  • Dedicated compartments for weapons, ammunition and equipment, dedicated kitchen/pantry including 40l Engel 12/24 volt refrigerator and self-supporting canvas awning
  • 3-6 troop capacity with a variety of seating configurations
  • Rapidly removable/attachable cab roof, windscreen and doors
  • Option for an integrated Battle Management System
  • Fully tailored solutions available to meet operational requirements of customers
  • Modular design means multiple configurations available from the one platform

More detailed specifications available upon request.